"PLAT NEWS" — a bimonthly magazine

Toyohashi City's former information magazine "Toyohashi Bunka" was renamed "PLAT NEWS" when PLAT opened. PLAT has two meanings, which are "a place to drop into casually" ("pulatto yoru" in Japanese) and also "being a platform for various kinds of art creations." So the editorial mission of "PLAT NEWS" is to provide articles that make the theatre a welcoming place for everyone.

* Bimonthly publication

* PLAT NEWS is a free magazine you can pick up at PLAT, Toyohashi City Culture Hall, Toyohashi Public Hall, Life Port Toyohashi and other public facilities in Toyohashi.

Vol. 25 (April 2017)


* Interview 1: An interview about "Hamlet" with the English director John Caird — titled "Listen, and learn, when you go to the theatre"

* Interview 2: An interview with the producer and the planner of "Street performance in Toyohashi" — titled "Street performance enlivens the city"

* Interview 3: An interview with Eriko Ogawa, the director of "The Head of Mary: Nagasaki as Theophany," and the play's leading actress, Anne Suzuki.

* Interview 4: An Interview with the playwright and director of the Amayadori theatre company, Junichi Hirota, about his latest play, "Hijo no Kaidan" ("The Emergency Stairs") — titled "What is Hirota's obsession about words?"

* Interview 5: An interview with the leading dancer and choreographer Yukio Suzuki about his latest work, "The Rite of Spring" — titled "Dedicated to Yoyes"

* Information about programs PLAT is producing

* An essay by Mitsuru Hirata, PLAT's Artistic Adviser — titled "The world is a theatre" The cover picture shows Seiyo Uchino in the title role from John Caird's recent "Hamlet."