About PLAT

Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT is an integrated, multi-space performing-arts facility in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture.

Opened on April 30, 2013, PLAT aims to provide a public platform to enhance the cultural life of citizens in the Higashi-Mikawa area through theatre, dance and music. It also provides a welcoming place to meet and pursue creative activities.

PLAT's Main Hall, a 788-seat auditorium with state-of-the-art equipment, has a wonderful ambience that allows audiences to really feel the atmosphere and perfectly hear voices on the stage.

In addition, PLAT's Art-Space is a 266-seat "black box" theatre that can be configured to create a proscenium-style stage or to allow people to move freely between the auditorium and the stage area. This small-scale venue is suitable for theatre, concerts, lectures or other meetings.

PLAT also has numerous rooms and a variety of spaces that citizens can use for theatre, dance and music rehearsals, or for exhibitions and conferences.

The Toyohashi Cultural Foundation manages and operates Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT as its public-private partner.

Address 123 Nishiodawaracho, Toyohashi City, Aichi, 440-0887
Ground area 7,612.80㎡
Building area 4,221.68㎡
Total floor area 8,036.59㎡
Structure type Steel Reinforced Concrete (SRC), partially steel frame
Number of floors 4


1. Hall

Main Hall 788 seats (including movable seats)
Art-Space 266 seats (including movable seats)

2. Facilities for art creation

Creative working rooms 7 rooms
Seminar rooms 2 rooms
Atelier room 1 room
Multi-purpose foyer 1 room

3. Facilities for the visitors


Nursery room

Room for breast-feeding

Parking for performers

4. Facilities for the disabled


Toilet facilities for the disabled