Guide to visitor support

Barrier-free facilities

PLAT has barrier-free features for wheelchair users and disabled people, including slopes and elevators.

Wheelchair spaces

There are a fixed number of wheelchair spaces in both theatres, the Main Hall and Art-Space, where they are made available by special arrangement.

For programs produced by PLAT, please contact the Ticket Center as soon as possible to reserve a space.

If you need a seat or space for an attendant, please make that known when you reserve the wheelchair space.

For more details, contact the Ticket Center on +81-(0)532-39-3090.

For programs by other production companies, please ask the company directly.

If a disabled person or wheelchair user is able to sit in a regular seat, our staff will assist them to and from the seat. Please inform staff at the Ticket Center in advance.

PLAT Ticket Center

+81-(0)532-39-3090 (Open daily except during the New Year's holiday and on days when PLAT is closed.)

Barrier-free toilets

There are multipurpose toilets on each floor. There is a toilet for wheelchair users in the women's toilet facility in the foyer of the Main Hall.

Ostomate toilets

All the multipurpose toilets have ostomate facilities.

Policy on helper dogs

People accompanied by helper dogs are welcome at programs produced by PLAT. However, as some seats are not suitable for this, please contact us in advance.

For programs by other production companies, please ask the company directly.

Anyone is free to visit PLAT with their support dog.

Facilities for the hearing impaired

These are available at events in which microphones are used, such as lectures, meetings or talks.


Occasionally, scripts may also be available to loan at no cost to the hearing impaired.

Childcare services

Available programs At selected programs produced by PLAT, a childcare service is available. Advance booking is required.
Dates on which childcare is available for a performance can be found on its Schedule page on the PLAT website. They are also listed on flyers for each production.
Eligibility for the service Children must be between 6 months and 6 years old.
Hours The service is available during the opening hours of the theatre.
Location The PLAT childcare center is next to the Ticket Center on the ground floor. If there are more children than expected, other rooms may be used.
How to book To make a reservation for one or more children, please call PLAT on +81-(0)532-39-8810 (10am~7pm) at least eight days in advance. Booking starts on the same day tickets go on sale.
* Numbers using this service are restricted, so reservations should be made as soon as possible.
Fee ¥500 per child

This service is outsourced to an NPO named Cat's hand. Its website address