Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT: Mission statement

1. Promoting the performing arts and artistic creation

PLAT's 788-seat Main Hall is unique in Toyohashi City in having the latest technology and equipment that allows it to present all kinds of theatre, musical and dance programs.

Additionally, PLAT also has the small-scale, 266-seat Art-Space theatre and a variety of multi-purpose rooms and other spaces unlike anything that previously existed in Toyohashi City.

At any of these venues, audiences can experience a particularly close relationship with the on-stage performances.

Besides operating as a comprehensive art space, PLAT aims to promote the performing arts in the wider Higashi-Mikawa area, not just in Toyohashi City, by cooperating with other public theatres as the hub of contemporary, cutting-edge drama, musical theatre, dance and music performances.

PLAT also aims to foster diversity by encouraging a flexible view of the world through the performing arts, in the process enriching citizens' lives and society as a whole.

2. Activities to promote education and a love of the arts

PLAT strives to promote the arts throughout society, and encourages a wide range of workshops and educational programs, in addition to performances, to attract citizens' interest.

It also provides opportunities for people to participate in arts creation themselves and open new horizons in their lives.

Furthermore, PLAT is keen to support theatre companies, drama circles at schools and universities, and also independent artists in the Higashi-Mikawa area.

3. Ensuring PLAT is a welcoming theatre for everyone

Through its sections responsible for building management, stage operation and production management, and drawing on the experience of other public theatres in Toyohashi City, PLAT is confident it provides a safe and friendly environment for visitors.

The main hall and the art-space theatre each have high-tech equipment allowing them to stage a wide range of performances, and they are designed to be user-friendly for all. In addition, every visitor is assured of the warm support of each member of PLAT's highly professional staff.

4. Making a contribution to the region through the arts

PLAT aims to make a significant contribution to the social and economic vitality of the region and to serve as a strong artistic focus to expand the circle of people's communication. To achieve these goals, PLAT provides a wide range of top-quality arts and also reaches out to stimulate the artistic activities of those in the Higashi-Mikawa area around Toyohashi City.

For instance, PLAT is cooperating with businesses and other stakeholders to create a major "artistic presence" in the area bounded by the street between Toyohashi Station and PLAT, the public square on the south side of the station, the COCOLA FRONT office and shopping mall building, and the historic terraced Suijo buildings of apartments, shops and restaurants.

PLAT is also working with the area's hotels to ensure visitors from Japan and abroad have a wide choice of accommodations, and it is actively promoting itself as an excellent venue for conferences. In addition, along with the operators of local parking areas, we are exploring ways to encourage our visitors and audiences to patronize the area's businesses.

5. Our mission as a public theatre under the Law Concerning the Revitalization of Theaters, Concert Halls etc.

In the preamble of the Law Concerning the Revitalization of Theaters, Concert Halls etc. which came into force on June 27, 2012, "theatres and music halls" are defined as, "Places that pass on and create and dispatch culture and art, and in which people mingle together in such venues that provide rich inspiration and positive hope and also foster people's creativity, as well as serving as cultural focuses bringing people together." PLAT operates entirely in line with this commendable definition, and the theatre serves as a strongpoint of regional culture.

6. PLAT's new approach to being a theatre for rent

In the traditional business of theatre rental, the landlord makes the space available at an agreed price for a certain period of time and then simply oversees the operation — which renters may discover involves prohibitions or conditions that add to their costs.

However, PLAT has a very different approach.

To begin with, PLAT regards renting out space as a potential opportunity to discover talented artists and promising theatre companies, and a great chance to train those artists.

Though we do, of course, have some basic rules for renters, we try to be as flexible as possible. For example, besides ensuring everyone's safety during performances, our staff work closely with renters and will give advice if it's requested or necessary.

We welcome young artists, and our staff are happy to be consulted regarding performing arts activities, and can also provide information, support and advice, including in the area of publicity.

In these ways, we aim to foster rising new artists and theatre companies in Toyohashi City and the Higashi-Mikawa area, while also attracting more and more local visitors drawn to PLAT as an open and welcoming, user-friendly theatre.