History of PLAT


December The public service corporation Toyohashi Cultural Foundation selected as the public-private partner.
May 10 Coffee shop company selected.
April 8 Public meeting held to discuss the utilization of PLAT.
April 2 Plans passed for the enforcement ordinance of Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT.
April The leader of the production team and the leader of the theatre technical team appointed. Office set up to prepare for the theatre's opening.
March 16 Public applications open to run the coffee shop in the theatre.
Public viewing of the construction site.
March 13 The logo of the theatre is chosen.


Oct. 4–Nov. 30 Open submissions invited for the theatre's logo.
October 4 The theatre's nickname, PLAT, was decided on.
May 17 The design of the theatre is agreed upon.
May 1–June 30 Open applications invited for the theatre's nickname.
April Mitsuru Hirata appointed as Artistic Adviser.


Oct. 26 The basic plan of the theatre building is agreed.
June 17 Business agreement concluded.
April 21 Selected private contractors announced (with reasons for selection).
April The Artistic Producer is appointed.
April 1 First news report of selection of private contractors.
Feb. 3 Private contractors in bidding process announced.


Dec. 18 Second round of questions and answers regarding the bidding system.
Nov. 16 First round of questions and answers regarding the bidding system.
Oct. 2 Public notice published regarding the bidding.
Aug.28 Amendments made to details of specific business.
Questions and answers published regarding changes to the operating policy.
July 23 Changes announced to the operating policy and work performance targets.


Dec.11 Delay announced in the publication of public notices regarding the bidding.
Oct.7 Questions and answers published regarding the operating policy. Specific business selected.
Aug. 26 Operating policy and targets announced.
March Investigation into the possibility of setting-up a PFI (Private Finance Initiative) system.


March Announcement made about a basic plan to create a "comprehensive art study center."


April The idea of creating a "comprehensive art study center" appeared as a leading project, titled "Creating Art in the City," that was part of the fourth Basic Idea and Plan for Toyohashi City.